The Relationship Between Canada and Australia

Australia CanadaCanada and Australia are two countries that are very cooperative with one another. The good relationship between Canada and Australia goes all the way to the top. Both countries are under the monarchy, which means there are no hassles for travelers going back and forth between the two countries. Both countries being under the monarchy means that they both still have some allegiance to the Queen. How so varies between the two different systems of government. They have similar forms of government and comparable world standing. Both are considered peaceful countries of relatively the same rank. What’s more, Australians and Canadians have always taken an interest in one another’s cultures. Perhaps this is a result of one being a hot, desert landscape and one being a snowy, mountainous landscape. Regardless, Australians and Canadians seem to get a kick out of one another and get along swimmingly.

The truest reflection of the good relationship between Australia and Canada is the ease of travel and exchange between the two countries. The citizens of either country who are in their early to mid twenties love to travel between the two countries. Australians find the mountains and snowboarding culture of Canada irresistible, while Canadians love to hit the sunny beaches of Australia to surf and tan. If you are from either of these countries and you are in this age range, chances are you know someone from the other country that made your acquaintance through travel. The economic and business relationship between the two countries is also very pliable, relaxed and cooperative.

Canada and Australia are similar culturally speaking. Both are obviously English speaking, but are also thoroughly Westernized. The two countries have similar values and share many religious aspects. They are very welcoming to each other’s tourists and travelers. Canada and Australia model a very functional relationship between two countries. If more countries were to follow their example, the world would be a more harmonious place.