Canada’s Mental Health Treatment Options

Canada mental health treatmentEveryone knows that Canada has one of the best run socialized healthcare systems in the world, and often times, the quality of mental health treatment in Canada is overlooked as the world focuses on the country’s medical provisions. This is a shame because the mental health treatment services in Canada rank among the best in the world. Most provinces in Canada do not treat mental health problems under the socialized medical system, meaning it is a largely privatized sector, although there are some mental health services that are covered by provincial care. For Australians, or people from other regions of the world, these services can be valuable reasons to engage in medical tourism. Some of the mental health specialties in Canada are as follows:

  • Counseling. Throughout the United States and Canada, counseling services are very similar in nature. They operate under many of the same standards and protocols. Counseling services in Canada are highly respected and sought after. Canadian counselors must meet minimum certification standards in order to practice counseling. Typically this position requires a master’s degree in psychology, as well as a certain amount of time put into practicum and training.
  • Rehabilitation. Like counseling, rehabilitation in Canada is largely privatized. Executive, luxury and high standard rehabilitation programs are not funded by the government. For low income residents or people who wish to be economical, there are government run rehabs that are covered by health insurance, or there are sometimes loan options for a variety of rehabs. Rehabilitation is necessary for people who are struggling to end their addiction or substance abuse.
  • Behavioral centers. Similar to rehabs, behavioral centers are a place where people who are struggling with mental illness and disorder go to recover. In Canada, some are government funded while others are private. Canada has similar mental health statistics to the United States. There are a large variety of mental disorders and problems present in Canada, but the behavioral centers and mental health services of Canada are some of the best in the world.