The Relationship Between Canada and Australia

Australia CanadaCanada and Australia are two countries that are very cooperative with one another. The good relationship between Canada and Australia goes all the way to the top. Both countries are under the monarchy, which means there are no hassles for travelers going back and forth between the two countries. Both countries being under the monarchy means that they both still have some allegiance to the Queen. How so varies between the two different systems of government. They have similar forms of government and comparable world standing. Both are considered peaceful countries of relatively the same rank. What’s more, Australians and Canadians have always taken an interest in one another’s cultures. Perhaps this is a result of one being a hot, desert landscape and one being a snowy, mountainous landscape. Regardless, Australians and Canadians seem to get a kick out of one another and get along swimmingly.

The truest reflection of the good relationship between Australia and Canada is the ease of travel and exchange between the two countries. The citizens of either country who are in their early to mid twenties love to travel between the two countries. Australians find the mountains and snowboarding culture of Canada irresistible, while Canadians love to hit the sunny beaches of Australia to surf and tan. If you are from either of these countries and you are in this age range, chances are you know someone from the other country that made your acquaintance through travel. The economic and business relationship between the two countries is also very pliable, relaxed and cooperative.

Canada and Australia are similar culturally speaking. Both are obviously English speaking, but are also thoroughly Westernized. The two countries have similar values and share many religious aspects. They are very welcoming to each other’s tourists and travelers. Canada and Australia model a very functional relationship between two countries. If more countries were to follow their example, the world would be a more harmonious place.

Australia’s Health Care System

Australia healthcareHealthcare in Australia is among some of the best in the world. Australian people are considered to be some of the most content people anywhere on the globe with their medical system. When the United States integrated their private healthcare system with Obamacare, Australia was one of the countries they looked to for an example of how to offer both types of health insurance to the public. Thanks to good legislation, a balanced budget and wise economists, Australia is a model country for making healthcare accessible to citizens and residents.

The federal government administers a public healthcare system called Medicare, which has been in effect since 1984. In summary, those enrolled in Medicare have approximately three quarters of their medical expenses covered, between prescriptions, specialists, general physicians and hospital stays. National health policy is determined by the Public Minister for Health, while local governments are responsible for the operations of their regional medical facilities. There is a Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme that operates separately from Medicare and handles the costs of prescriptions to the public. Australia currently ranks in first place of all countries in the world for the healthy living of its residents.

With such an outstanding medical system of their own, Australians have little need to travel in order to receive medical care. Their own healthcare system is so advanced that most medical services they require are accessible to them within their own country. However, there are some medical services that Australians are without. In these cases, it is wise for Australian citizens and residents to travel abroad in order to receive the medical care they need. Traveling to Canada for the purpose of medical care can be an enormous benefit to Australians. Canada and Australia are both under the monarchy, which allows their citizens to travel between the two countries effortlessly. Canadian doctors specialize in forms of medicine that are less developed in Australia. The exchange of information that takes place when Canadians and Australians travel interchangeably for the purpose of medical tourism is profound.



Australians in Canada

australians canadaAustralians and Canadians travel to each other’s countries frequently. Australia and Canada are both under the monarchy, which makes travel between the two countries very painless. It is a considerable air fare, but because the two countries have such a good relationship, Aussies are treated like brethren in Canada. They are able to find work, access Canadian healthcare and live among Canadians effortlessly.

Work and holiday visas are easy for Australians to acquire when traveling to Canada. There are more visas processed for Australians than any other nationality in Canada. Temporary visas give the visa holder access to the healthcare system, and they give them the right work. One particularly popular travel venture for Australians is to work in a Canadian ski town and board or ski the slopes through the winter. Australians also flock to Western Canada to fruit pick.

Although Canada and Australia are particularly friendly to one another, they are drastically different countries, particularly in climate. Canada is cold and holds more fresh water than any other country on earth. Australia is hot and arid, with ongoing drought conditions. The culture and dialect are vastly different between the two countries. This creates a great deal of intrigue between Canada and Australia. Many travellers between the two countries go there to experience a totally different environment.

Both the Canadian and the Australian healthcare systems have a lot to offer their residents. Both are considered some of the better run national healthcare systems. Both offer first world medical technology and advancements and the practice of medicine is well established in both countries. Specialists and general practicioners alike compete for positions in these countries. They also offer unique services between the two countries, which creates appeal for those who are looking to travel for medical purposes.

Canada’s Medical Health Treatment Options

Canada medical healthPeople from all over the world take advantage of Canada’s renowned social healthcare system. Considered the best socialized medical system in the Western world, Canada’s healthcare system is renowned for its successful model of accessible healthcare for residents and citizens. Medical tourists from Australia and other regions come to Canada for healthcare reasons and discover how high quality the medical system is in Canada. Canadian physicians are trained under very high standards and are very well regulated by the Canadian medical system. Some of the most highly utilized medical services in Canada are as follows:

  • General medicine. General family physicians in Canada are an invaluable resource. Most are trained in Canada and then enter the work force, but many general physicians in Canada come from other regions of the world, such as Japan and India. Canadian medicine follows Western medicine philosophy, but there are a number of naturopathic practicioners in Canada who offer a more Eastern philosophy on medicine as well. Both are considered valuable assets to Canadian medicine.
  • Specialized medicine. Specialists in Canada are highly trained medical professionals who are called upon to handle the specific and complex medical problems of Canadians and people who come to Canada to use the medical system. Canadian specialists are highly desirable commodities. Canada is home to some specialists of world renown who are considered the best in their field by global standards.
  • Surgery and hospital. The surgical and hospital services of Canada are also considered to be premiere. Many people from around the globe deliberately take advantage of Canada’s surgical capabilities as well as their premiere hospital facilities.

Canada’s Mental Health Treatment Options

Canada mental health treatmentEveryone knows that Canada has one of the best run socialized healthcare systems in the world, and often times, the quality of mental health treatment in Canada is overlooked as the world focuses on the country’s medical provisions. This is a shame because the mental health treatment services in Canada rank among the best in the world. Most provinces in Canada do not treat mental health problems under the socialized medical system, meaning it is a largely privatized sector, although there are some mental health services that are covered by provincial care. For Australians, or people from other regions of the world, these services can be valuable reasons to engage in medical tourism. Some of the mental health specialties in Canada are as follows:

  • Counseling. Throughout the United States and Canada, counseling services are very similar in nature. They operate under many of the same standards and protocols. Counseling services in Canada are highly respected and sought after. Canadian counselors must meet minimum certification standards in order to practice counseling. Typically this position requires a master’s degree in psychology, as well as a certain amount of time put into practicum and training.
  • Rehabilitation. Like counseling, rehabilitation in Canada is largely privatized. Executive, luxury and high standard rehabilitation programs are not funded by the government. For low income residents or people who wish to be economical, there are government run rehabs that are covered by health insurance, or there are sometimes loan options for a variety of rehabs. Rehabilitation is necessary for people who are struggling to end their addiction or substance abuse.
  • Behavioral centers. Similar to rehabs, behavioral centers are a place where people who are struggling with mental illness and disorder go to recover. In Canada, some are government funded while others are private. Canada has similar mental health statistics to the United States. There are a large variety of mental disorders and problems present in Canada, but the behavioral centers and mental health services of Canada are some of the best in the world.

Medical Tourism from Australia to Canada

canada australia medical tourismThere are many reasons someone may want to travel to Canada from Australia for medical purposes. Australia and Canada have similar healthcare systems, and though Australia’s healthcare system is credible and socialized, the healthcare system of Canada is considered superior.

Australia and Canada are both associated with the monarchy, which means it is very easy to travel, live and work between the two countries. The travel time is lengthy between the two countries (approximately nineteen hours across the Atlantic Ocean) but the benefits of medical tourism between the two countries can be worth it. Medical tourism from Australia to Canada is becoming a more prominent travel venture every year.

The socialized healthcare system of Canada is among the best in the world. Medical coverage is governed at the federal level with every province setting a unique and minimal basic premium for its residents. All general practice and surgical expenses are covered, and a number of other medical services are included in the premiums. Mental healthcare and addiction treatment in Canada are a few other highly regarded benefits of the Canadian healthcare system. Canadian insurance for Private policies are also available for purchase to cover dental and vision expenditures, as well as a range of other specialized medical services.

Medicare is the publicly funded healthcare system of Australia. It is similar to Canada in that it makes use of both public and private insurance policies, and it is managed at both the federal and the state level. However, breakdowns between the federal and state levels have generated criticisms of the healthcare system, calling it inefficient and slow.

Specialized traveler insurance policies can be purchased for those who are interested in traveling from Australia to Canada for medical reasons. They can be for any level of coverage according to the premium paid. It is also possible for Australian citizens to obtain a Canadian work or travel visa to Canada, which can include the right to use the healthcare system of the province the person is traveling through.