Australia’s Health Care System

Australia healthcareHealthcare in Australia is among some of the best in the world. Australian people are considered to be some of the most content people anywhere on the globe with their medical system. When the United States integrated their private healthcare system with Obamacare, Australia was one of the countries they looked to for an example of how to offer both types of health insurance to the public. Thanks to good legislation, a balanced budget and wise economists, Australia is a model country for making healthcare accessible to citizens and residents.

The federal government administers a public healthcare system called Medicare, which has been in effect since 1984. In summary, those enrolled in Medicare have approximately three quarters of their medical expenses covered, between prescriptions, specialists, general physicians and hospital stays. National health policy is determined by the Public Minister for Health, while local governments are responsible for the operations of their regional medical facilities. There is a Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme that operates separately from Medicare and handles the costs of prescriptions to the public. Australia currently ranks in first place of all countries in the world for the healthy living of its residents.

With such an outstanding medical system of their own, Australians have little need to travel in order to receive medical care. Their own healthcare system is so advanced that most medical services they require are accessible to them within their own country. However, there are some medical services that Australians are without. In these cases, it is wise for Australian citizens and residents to travel abroad in order to receive the medical care they need. Traveling to Canada for the purpose of medical care can be an enormous benefit to Australians. Canada and Australia are both under the monarchy, which allows their citizens to travel between the two countries effortlessly. Canadian doctors specialize in forms of medicine that are less developed in Australia. The exchange of information that takes place when Canadians and Australians travel interchangeably for the purpose of medical tourism is profound.