Australians in Canada

australians canadaAustralians and Canadians travel to each other’s countries frequently. Australia and Canada are both under the monarchy, which makes travel between the two countries very painless. It is a considerable air fare, but because the two countries have such a good relationship, Aussies are treated like brethren in Canada. They are able to find work, access Canadian healthcare and live among Canadians effortlessly.

Work and holiday visas are easy for Australians to acquire when traveling to Canada. There are more visas processed for Australians than any other nationality in Canada. Temporary visas give the visa holder access to the healthcare system, and they give them the right work. One particularly popular travel venture for Australians is to work in a Canadian ski town and board or ski the slopes through the winter. Australians also flock to Western Canada to fruit pick.

Although Canada and Australia are particularly friendly to one another, they are drastically different countries, particularly in climate. Canada is cold and holds more fresh water than any other country on earth. Australia is hot and arid, with ongoing drought conditions. The culture and dialect are vastly different between the two countries. This creates a great deal of intrigue between Canada and Australia. Many travellers between the two countries go there to experience a totally different environment.

Both the Canadian and the Australian healthcare systems have a lot to offer their residents. Both are considered some of the better run national healthcare systems. Both offer first world medical technology and advancements and the practice of medicine is well established in both countries. Specialists and general practicioners alike compete for positions in these countries. They also offer unique services between the two countries, which creates appeal for those who are looking to travel for medical purposes.