Rehab Options Offered In Canada

“In 2012, it was determined that 18.1% of Canadians met the criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence at some time in their lives, many of which were in that past year. This number grew to 19% in 2016. Alcohol, by a wide margin, is the most abused substance in Canada.” As a result, it is important that those who are struggling with substance abuse, no matter whether it comes in the form of drugs or alcohol, seek treatment.

But in Canada, where should one start his/her search for the right rehab? Well he/she should first know of factors like “cost, waiting list, staff ratio, and aftercare”. First and foremost is cost, and while “most government-funded treatments do have cost, but it will be per the income of the client or what the client can pay such part of his welfare check, unemployment, etc.” Second is the waiting list where “most private treatments do not have any waiting list. As per our research, government-subsidized rehabs have on average 4 to 12 weeks of waiting list. In some case, it can be up to a year.” Third is staff ratio;  “usually private treatments have better clinical staff/client ratios than subsidize rehabs.” And fourth is aftercare; “the quality of the aftercare for each type of treatments will have to be determined. A good advice would be to ask the treatment facility what type of aftercare programs they have.”

It is with these four factors that addicts seeking help towards their recovery are better able to find the right fit for them. Without extensive research, and exhausting their resources, they might find themselves making the wrong choice, rather than finding a place which provides them with comfort, as well as quality substance abuse treatment programs. But through much research, all questions and concerns they might have can be answered beforehand, providing them with reassurance before making their choice.  

In conclusion, it is important that one takes all these into consideration before beginning to weigh their options. In doing so, they will find themselves on a much quicker road to recovery, so that they can regain a happy and healthy life, mentally as well as physically. It is then that they can live a drug and alcohol free life, away from the burden of addiction. But this can only be done through the process of taking the first step, which is choosing a rehab, and taking part in it.