Medical Tourism from Australia to Canada

canada australia medical tourismThere are many reasons someone may want to travel to Canada from Australia for medical purposes. Australia and Canada have similar healthcare systems, and though Australia’s healthcare system is credible and socialized, the healthcare system of Canada is considered superior.

Australia and Canada are both associated with the monarchy, which means it is very easy to travel, live and work between the two countries. The travel time is lengthy between the two countries (approximately nineteen hours across the Atlantic Ocean) but the benefits of medical tourism between the two countries can be worth it. Medical tourism from Australia to Canada is becoming a more prominent travel venture every year.

The socialized healthcare system of Canada is among the best in the world. Medical coverage is governed at the federal level with every province setting a unique and minimal basic premium for its residents. All general practice and surgical expenses are covered, and a number of other medical services are included in the premiums. Mental healthcare and addiction treatment in Canada are a few other highly regarded benefits of the Canadian healthcare system. Canadian insurance for Private policies are also available for purchase to cover dental and vision expenditures, as well as a range of other specialized medical services.

Medicare is the publicly funded healthcare system of Australia. It is similar to Canada in that it makes use of both public and private insurance policies, and it is managed at both the federal and the state level. However, breakdowns between the federal and state levels have generated criticisms of the healthcare system, calling it inefficient and slow.

Specialized traveler insurance policies can be purchased for those who are interested in traveling from Australia to Canada for medical reasons. They can be for any level of coverage according to the premium paid. It is also possible for Australian citizens to obtain a Canadian work or travel visa to Canada, which can include the right to use the healthcare system of the province the person is traveling through.